Blue Ribbon Beer Run 2015 - Milwaukee, WI

Hey everyone!  KTBF had the opportunity to vend this year at the 2015 Blue Ribbon Beer Run in Milwaukee, WI.  First impression, BAD ASS.  This show sits in a nook located downtown Milwaukee at the infamous Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery.  Spanning several blocks, the setting of this show is off the hook, and the old architecture that surrounds the show is a must see.  

The BRBR put on by some great people, the vibe is super laid back.  Everyone was having a great time enjoying the weather, hot rods, live music, and an endless supply of PBR.  

KTBF would like to thank everyone involved in putting on this killer show, and thank those of you that stopped by the booth.  We hope to see you and even more folks next year.  Enjoy the vid!




Travis McConnaha
Travis McConnaha