Womens KTBF "PINSTRIPE" garage shirt | Dickies work shirt

Hey ladies!  Check out the "Pinstripe" Womens Garage shirt!  Featuring one of KTBF's best sellers designs on the popular Dickies work shirt.  This garage shirt is a two-sided design featuring the Keep The Bitch Floored logo and custom pinstriping.   If you are looking for a bad ass, button up style Dickies work shirt, then look no further. This bitch is for you.   

**Warning - This work shirt may make you suffer from WIG (Working In Garage) syndrome.  We are not responsible for your husband ditching your ass because you are constantly busting knuckles in the garage while wearing this bad bitch.  Not to mention all of his buddies poppin' wood over you looking hot while wrenching. 
Buy at your own risk. - 65/35 Poly/Cotton**

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